Proverbs 29:25; “Fear of man will prove to be a snare …”

God said, so that settles it … but I can witness to the wisdom of that statement. I lived too many years of my life trapped by my “fear of man”.

“What if they don’t like me?”

“What if they get mad at me?”

“What if I hurt their feelings?”

“What if … what if … what if” – the thoughts – the feelings – the fears I lived with for most of my life … which affect me even today.

Not sure how I became ensnared by such fears; because my mother and dad never seemed paralyzed by the “fear” of what “they thought” (i.e., what others were going to think of or say about them). They genuinely cared for people – but never seemed to be controlled by the attitudes or actions (and reactions) of others … like I was. I obsessed over what “they” were thinking about me … worked overtime to ingratiate myself to “them” … suffered anxious days and sleepless nights wondering and worrying about how “they” felt about me or what “they” were going to say about me.

That “fear” became a snare – just like God said it would. Not surprising – huh?

Enough of that.

It makes sense … doesn’t it … that the way to break out of that “snare” would be to “trust in the Lord” … for he who “trusts in the Lord is kept safe”?

Ask Noah, who had “them” questioning him all those years he built that boat in the middle of nowhere – but the Lord saved him and his family. Ask Moses, who had “them” criticizing him every time they got thirsty or hungry or tired – but the Lord escorted him home at the end of his journey. Ask David, who had “them” mocking his age and despising his exuberance for the Lord, but the Lord delivered him from the lions and bears and giants and kings. Ask Paul, who had “them” threatening – even beating – just for what he dared to believe, and the Lord reserved a crown for him, which He will give to all those who love His appearing. Ask Jesus, who had “them” questioning – criticizing – mocking – threatening him to death, but the Lord raised Him and exalted Him.

Why would any of us think that “they” are ever going to be okay with us … pleased with us … proud of us? “They didn’t appreciate – respect – or honor the Lord, himself.

So … today … as I read through Proverbs 29; seeking the wisdom of God for my life … I want to quiet the questions – concerns – anxieties about “them” that entrap my heart and distort my intentions – by learning to trust in the Lord.

 Wise saying #29 – “DON’T GET TRAPPED.”

P.S. Day Twenty-Nine … read Proverbs 29. Want some homework?

  1. Make a list of the people you “fear” the most. What are you afraid of … really? What it the worst “they” can do to you?
  2. Baby steps. Do something that you know God wants you to do – that is going to make “them” mad – disappointed – or upset with you. Once it is done … how bad was that – really?
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